About Me

Melissa – A really busy mom

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Melissa, a wife, mom, and a workaholic. Like many moms out there, I have a demanding full time job and I’m l trying to ensure that I also find the time to be a devoted wife to my husband and a great mother to my daughter. I’m still very traditional in the sense that I strive to be a good wife by keeping a clean home, cooking meals, and remembering to be nice and loving to my husband even after I’ve had a crazy stressful day. For me, being a good mom is something that I really try hard not to fail at. This means not taking short cuts when instilling values and enforcing discipline. It’s also important for me to keep my family healthy by keeping everyone fit and preparing wholesome, healthy, and home cooked meals. Someone once told me, you can’t trust in someone you don’t have a relationship with therefore, one priority remains on top and that is constantly working on my relationship with God.

Confessions of a Busy Mom is an outlet where I could share my small triumphs and successes when it comes to keeping a happy home, and thriving kid, and keeping myself sane. Here you could find fast and simple recipes, fitness tips, and even some quotes for inspiration. My hope is that you find my blog is helpful and inspirational.




Luke 12 34