Cuban American Chicken Noodle Soup

There are tons of variations of chicken soup out there and however you make it, every mom needs to have chicken noodle soup in her catalog of mom's sicky-poo remedies. My version is a little different to traditional American version as my parents and grandparents are Cuban therefore I grew up eating they're version when I was sick. I have since adapted it a bit to include some traditional American ingredients like celery and thyme so I call it, Cuban American Chicken Noodle Soup. Last week ... Continue Reading

Weekend Trip to Wildwood, Florida

This weekend we visited my dad who lives in Wildwood, Florida. If you've never heard of it, Wildwood is a small town about an hour drive north of Orlando.Every few months, I love to come visit my dad and escape the city to soak in the old Florida charm and just slow down for a few days. If you take the time to visit, you'll quickly notice the oak tree lined streets that give this town a nostalgic look and feel. One of my favorite times of year to visit Wildwood is the in fall. The air is a ... Continue Reading